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Our Philosophy


Chemical research is unimaginable without a profound understanding of synthetic methods. Therefore Chemistry is a creative science in the literal sense, which opens gates towards new substances and materials. Successful work in the field of synthetic chemistry requires the interplay of complex processes of human perception and organization of matter on a molecular scale. Thus synthetic chemistry is an intellectual craft that can be deemed an art without hyperbole.

Composition & Geometry


The goal of chemical creation is to synthesize compounds and materials that generate additional benefits through novel functionalities. We can learn a lot from nature in that respect: compound properties are not only influenced by elemental composition but also by geometry. This is true on a molecular level as well as for materials, in which composition and shape prove to be of equal importance for application issues.

Composition + Shape = Functionality


Therefore it is only surprising at first glance, that the key principle “Composition + Shape = Functionality” is reminiscent of creative concepts in art. Such as the painter uses colours in a distinct combination to create certain emotions in the beholder, the poet uses the letters of the alphabet in the form of words to create new contexts.

The Chemists’ Alphabet


The chemists’ alphabet consists of over 100 different letters: the chemical elements. Their sequence is given by the periodic system. But despite its rigor the grammar of the laws of nature leaves us giant leeway to form ever new chemical words, sentences and novels. Time and time again, this creative freedom lets us experience chemistry as inspiring and beautiful.

Our research topics cover molecules as well as the resulting solids, from unusual organometallic compounds to nanostructured materials. Challenging molecules often yield new paths to interesting materials – these bridges between the two fields being at the core of our interest.

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